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It has been known that Kate Moss boyfriend Jamie Hince is not only her boyfriend, but also her husband. Recently, both of them have been spotted going shopping for plants in a gardening store. It is supposed that Kate Moss should have quite huge gardens knowing the fact that she lives in a Cotswolds estate and also owns a huge home in North London. Therefore, it might be no surprise to nobody that Kate Moss is interested in gardening and took her boyfriend and husband Jamie Hince shopping for plants.

And the current Kate Moss boyfriend is – Jamie Hince

When they were heading to the gardening store, Kate Moss boyfriend and husband Jamie Hince was also taking their dog for a walk. Although Jamie Hince was known to have a hand injury, he was still able to manage their dog and was clasping its leash very tightly. In addition to visiting a gardening store, the couple also was spotted going to a jewelry store.
Talking more about Kate Moss boyfriend and husband Jamie Hince, he is known as a musician from the English group called “The Kills”. In 2008, the official announcements were released that Jamie Hince proposed to Kate Moss when both of them were on a trip in Amsterdam. It also has been stated that Jamie Hince proposed her in bed. Her engagement ring was dated 1920 of vintage style and has been claimed to be worth around 10 thousand pounds. The couple’s wedding took place in the summer of 2011. The ceremony was held in Gloucestershire.
Before Kate Moss got involved with Jamie Hince, she was dating Pete Doherty. The couple stayed together for two years, from 2005 till 2007. The couple was introduced to each other during Kate Moss birthday party. However, all the time they were known to be in an on and off relationship. Also, there were rumors spreading that the couple got engaged but they were not proved. When they broke up, Kate Moss felt really depressed and had to miss a John Galiano runaway show. B
efore she started dating Pete Doherty, for three years she was dating Jefferson Hack. What is even more important is that Jefferson Hack is the father of Kate Moss daughter.

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