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Halle Berry is one of the most famous people in the entertainment industry which means that her professional career is as much of importance as her personal life. It has been known for a while that the star is in a relationship with Olivier Martinez who is not only Halle Berry boyfriend but also her fiancé. In addition, it has been stated not too long ago that Halle Berry is expecting to have another child. It is a second baby for Halle Berry, however the first one which she is going to have with Olivier Martinez. In addition, Olivier Martinez is also seeking for a partial custody of Halle Berry’s first child Nahla whose father is the previous Halle Berry boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. Soon Nahla will become a big sister and Halle Berry stated that she cannot wait to take care of her baby brother.

And the current Halle Berry boyfriend is – Olivier Martinez

It has been stated previously that the lovely family has been staying in Hawaii for vacation where Halle Berry boyfriend and fiancé Olivier Martinez was showing a lot of fatherly love to Halle Berry’s daughter, Nahla, which proves that they have a strong bond between themselves. Moreover, when they were spotted on a vacation, Halle Berry tired to hide her increasing belly however, it was too obvious that she is expecting and such joy could not be hidden by any clothes.
In the autumn if 2012 Halle Berry admitted that she was thinking about making a bigger family and that Nahla had several times expressed her wish that she would like to become a bigger sister. It seems that both wishes will become real in a few months.

Also, Halle Berry opened up that whenever Nahla was praying every night, she used to pray for God to bring her bunk beds and also a baby sister, thus the little girl could not understand why her second wish is taking so much time to become real.
In addition, Halle Berry stated that she has learnt a lot about giving pregnancy since the time when she had her first daughter Nahla, who is five years old.

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