Pamela Anderson boyfriend

Pamela Anderson is one of the biggest stars in the entertainment industry. In addition to her professional career, her personal relationships with men have been as much interesting and important as her work in entertainment business.

And the current Pamela Anderson boyfriend is – Jamie Padgett

In 2009 Pamela Anderson boyfriend was known to be Jamie Padgett who works as an electrician. They met when Pamela Anderson’s house was being renovated and she had to live in a trailer in Malibu. However, their relationship lasted for only a little bit more than one year.
In December of 2007 Pamela Anderson was seen a couple of times together with Criss Angel, thus the rumors started that he was Pamela Anderson boyfriend. Moreover, Criss Angel was seen in Pamela Anderson’s birthday party, where the couple did not hide their affections, although a lot of public eyes were staring at them. However, their romance ended in the summer of 2008.
In addition, Pamela Anderson was married to Rick Salomon. The wedding of the couple happened in Las Vegas, where Pamela Anderson was performing in a magic show. What is even more interesting is that the wedding ceremony happened between the two shows in which Pamela Anderson appeared. However, their wedding did not last long and Pamela Anderson stated that the main reason for divorce was fraud.
In 2007, Pamela Anderson boyfriend was rumored to be actor David Spade. They were seen a couple of times together having fun and going out for dinner in Las Vegas, however neither Pamela Anderson nor David Spade have ever confirmed that they were in a relationship.
Talking about more of her marriages, Pamela Anderson was also married to Kid Rock. However, this marriage as well as the marriage with Rick Salomon did not last long. The couple’s wedding ceremony happened in July of 2006 and they divorced in November of the same year. Although they married in 2006, it was known that the couple was engaged few years before they walked on the aisle. Pamela Anderson later stated that the reason for their divorce was that they were too much different people.
In 2004 Pamela Anderson was rumored to be with Stephen Dorff. She was spotted several times kissing the man and also leaving his flat.

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