Katherine Jenkins boyfriend

And the current Katherine Jenkins boyfriend is – Mark Ballas

Katherine Jenkins is a star of the TV show called “Dancing with the Stars” where she shows her amazing skills and talent in dancing. Moreover, Katherine Jenkins has an amazing voice and she is considered to be one of the best mezzo-sopranos in the world. In addition, her facial beauty made her to land in the TOP 10 of various lists of the most beautiful female stars of the world.
The current Katherine Jenkins boyfriend is as much handsome as his girlfriend and he is also known to be her partner on the TV show “Dancing with the Stars” whose name is Mark Ballas. Katherine Jenkins boyfriend is also known by his name Gethin Jones, who is a TV host of the show called “Blue Peter” which is broadcasted on the BBC channel.
It has been known that Katherine Jenkins has dated him before and they even got engaged. However, their marriage never happened because they broke up right before setting the wedding date. Now, when the couple got back together again, it might be possible that they eventually will get married and the entertainment world will have one more good looking married couple. Thus, people are getting more and more interested in their relationship even if they are not fans of neither of the two.
The couple again became the main topic of a lot of tabloids and magazines and Katherine Jenkins boyfriend appeared in the spotlight again. Moreover, there have been rumors spreading around that a lot of famous men are trying to hit on Katherine Jenkins and of course you cannot blame them knowing how pretty she is. Thus, Katherine Jenkins boyfriend Mark Ballas has been claimed to get more and more jealous which shakes their relationship quite a bit.
In addition, Katherine Jenkins and the topic of her boyfriend is the one which attracts a lot of attention from the audience, thus, if a tabloid puts a headline related to her boyfriends and these are rumors based on true facts or not, the tabloid is known to sell a lot of copies, which just proves once again that her relationships are extremely interesting to people.

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