Christina Milian boyfriend

Christina Milian is one of those stars whose personal relationships are as much of debates object as her professional career. Christina Milian has dated quite a few famous guys, including Paul Walker, Nick Cannon, Andre Lyon and The Dream, who was not only Christina Milian boyfriend but also her husband.

And the current Christina Milian boyfriend is – The Dream

With The Dream, Christina Milian was in a relationship from March of 2009 till the end of the same year. In the beginning of their relationship, The Dream used to deny all the rumors about him dating the singer. At the same time, he admitted that he liked attention from all women. However, in 2009 the announcements were made that Christina Milian married The Dream. Their wedding ceremony was held in Las Vegas, Nevada. Therefore, The Dream became not only the rumored Christina Milian boyfriend, but also her husband. In February of 2010 their daughter was born who was named Violet Madison Nash.
However, the late statements were made that in 2009, the same year as they got married, the couple got divorced. The main reason for that was that The Dream was spotted kissing his assistant.
In 2006 Christina Milian started dating Andre Lyon with whom she was in relationship for three years. The couple got introduced to each other while Christina Milian was recording her album called “So Amazin”. However, after three year relationship the couple divorced and one of the reasons for that, according to Christina Milian, was the distance because she was not able to see Andre Lyon as often as she wanted to.
Between the years 2003-2005 it was rumored that Christina Milian boyfriend was Nick Cannon. They met when were both casted to appear in the movie called “Love Don’t Cost a Thing”. The couple immediately started going on dates which were photographed by paparazzi. However, after two years of relationship, Christina Milian became the one which wanted to break up because it was stated that she found out that Nick Cannon was cheating on her.
In the early 2000s, Christina Milian was rumored to be in a relationship with Paul Walker, however these rumors were never proved.

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