Sara Ramirez boyfriend

Sara Ramirez was known to be dating Ryan Debolt, however since the summer of 2012 he became not only Sara Ramirez boyfriend but also her husband. Sara Ramirez admitted that she fell in love with him from the first sight and both believed that they became close soul mates. The wedding happened on the 4th of July when Sara Ramirez who belongs to the cast of the TV show “Grey’s Anatomy” said yes to her boyfriend Ryan Debolt, who besides being Sara Ramirez boyfriend and husband is also known as a business analyst.

And the current Sara Ramirez boyfriend is – Ryan Debolt

In the beginning of their relationship the couple decided to keep their private lives just between themselves and they have not talked much about their engagement either. However, recently Sara Ramirez attended an interview where she openly discussed her life after marriage and revealed some details about Ryan Debolt.
Sara Ramirez told in the interview that she met with Ryan Debolt in an after-after party and immediately felt a close relationship with him. Thus, soon the couple started dating and rumors reached the public that Ryan Debolt might be the newest Sara Ramirez boyfriend. Furthermore, the actress explained that those things which they felt happen only then when you do not expect it. In addition, she confessed that it was great for both of them to meet a grown-up person with whom they could talk about everything.

She also revealed some activities which they both like to do on their free time. Sara Ramirez enjoys spending time with her husband with whom she often goes hiking near their home. The actress also admitted that she likes to talk about everything with Ryan Debolt when walking, except the times when they are out of breath which is a normal result of intense hiking.
Moreover, Sara Ramirez admitted that even doing laundry, going for shopping and cleaning house is much more enjoyable and relaxing when you do it with a person you love.

When asked about when they are planning to have kids, Sara Ramirez confessed that she wants to postpone it for a while because she did not have a great family when her parents divorced, however someday she is going to have children for sure.

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