Chelsea Handler boyfriend

And the current Chelsea Handler boyfriend is – Andre Balazs

Chelsea Handler has had a lot of relationships with famous men which did not last long enough because the star did not see anybody matching her. However, recently she announced that finally she found the man she needed and therefore Chelsea Handler boyfriend is considered to be Andre Balazs. Chelsea Handler confessed that they are completely different people, however very much in love which proves once again that differences are like magnets.
Chelsea Handler boyfriend Andre Balazs is known as hotelier businessman. Moreover, Chelsea Handler who is known as a TV host and presenter said that they even are starting to plan their future together and move to live together as well. She also admitted that there have been a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, however they still managed to work everything out. Andre Balazs is also working in the E! Network which makes him jet-set and Chelsea Handler has to put a lot of efforts to deal with it.
What is more important is that Chelsea Handler stated that she wants to marry her boyfriend, however she does not plan to have any children with him. Moreover, the TV host stated that this is the reason why she decided to get a dog, she wants to take care of somebody but the advantage of dogs is that they do not talk and argue back or cry. Thus, Chelsea Handler does not feel that it is time for her to start a family life but she would like to get married for sure.
Moreover, Chelsea Handler boyfriend whom she dated before Andre Balazs, the rapper 50 Cent left only good memories to her and she states that he is a sweetheart, thus it appears that the ex-couple broke up without any anger and arguments. In addition, Chelsea Handler reveled that in the beginning of her relationship with 50 Cent she felt that the relationship was one-sided and only later grew to be something bigger. Also, she confessed that their relationship was not that serious. 50 Cent sent her flowers in one of her TV shows and at that point Chelsea Handler stated that she was going to get involved with somebody whose nickname is a number.
However, now the TV host seems to be happier with Chelsea Handler boyfriend, Andre Balazs, and is even planning to get married.

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