Shenae Grimes boyfriend

Shenae Grimes who is known as a star from the TV show “90210” has been dating model Josh Beech who right now is known not only as a Shenae Grimes boyfriend but also her fiancé. Shenae Grimes has admitted the rumors that she is actually engaged to her boyfriend Josh Beech.

And the current Shenae Grimes boyfriend is – Josh Beech

Before appearing on the TV show “90210” as Annie Wilson, Shenae Grimes starred in Canadian TV series called “Degrassi: The Next Generation”. On December of 2012 Shenae Grimes posted on her official website the news that she is happily engaged and cannot get married to Josh Beech who is more than happy to be not only Shenae Grimes boyfriend, but finally her fiancé and soon to be husband as well. In addition, the actress stated that they want to keep the date of the wedding private which might imply that another famous couple will get married in complete secrecy.

Before she started dating Josh Beech, Shenae Grimes was rumored to be dating John Mayer, however, the actress denied the rumors.
The first time Shenae Grimes was seen with Josh Beech was during summer when the couple attended an event of the opening of a new fashion shop. The couple was seen kissing and cuddling and did not care that they were the center of attention to everybody. Immediately she was related to her character Annie Wilson which she portrays on the TV show due to the fact that her role usually falls in many romances and kisses a lot of boys.

At first Shenae Grimes did not look happy about her boyfriend kissing her in public, however after some kisses the actress finally gave up and enjoyed her romantic time with Josh Beech in public. At first giggling when being kissed, Shenae Grimes took the initiative and kissed her boyfriend passionately.

Thus, for some time everybody’s eyes were turned not to the opening of the new fashion store, but to Shenae Grimes and Shenae Grimes boyfriend showing affections to each other. Josh Beech is also known as a member of the band called “Beech” and has been modeling for various famous companies such as Vivienne Westwood and Valentino.

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