Meagan Good boyfriend

For quite a long time Meagan Good boyfriend has been known to be DeVon Franklin, who finally put a ring on the star’s finger and got married with her. In one of Meagan Good interviews, the star talked about how her husband proposed to her. Meagan Good is known as a star from her own show called “Deception”.

And the current Meagan Good boyfriend is – DeVon Franklin

In addition to talking about her own show, the star is not ashamed to speak about her recent wedding with the preacher DeVon Franklin who has a huge impact on the star. Meagan Good claimed that she believes that her marriage with Meagan Good boyfriend DeVon Franklin was sent from Heaven.
Recently Meagan Good appeared on the TV show called “The Wendy Williams Show” where she opened up about her relationship with the preacher DeVon Franklin who is also known as a film executive. Meagan Good told to the TV show host and the audience that although DeVon Franklin is a preacher, he does not have a congregation. Instead, he has a lot of speaking engagements.
The couple met six years ago on the set of the filming a one Christian film. Later, they got back together on the set of filming “Jumping the Broom”. At that time the couple started to feel strong feelings towards each other which led to their recent marriage.
In the interview, Meagan Good revealed a lot of things from her marriage life and described how shocked she was when she heard the proposal words from Meagan Good boyfriend DeVon Franklin whom she married in June of 2012.
However, the star did not want to tell all the details about the proposal but confessed that when he was saying a lot of words which finally led to the most important ones, she could not really hear what DeVon Franklin was saying just because her mind was full of emotions.
Also, Meagan Good confessed that she remained in a celibate until their marriage. They were dating for ten months before the two got married. A lot of people believe that it was only because of DeVon Franklin who is a preacher and if it was another man, Meagan Good would not have been in a celibate for such a long time.

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