Katie Couric boyfriend

And the current Katie Couric boyfriend is – Jay Monahan

Recently there have been no news about the current Katie Couric boyfriend. However, there were some strange news about her ex-husband Jay Monahan.
The TV star Katie Couric has troubles with her ex-husband because he was stated to make prank calls to 911. Moreover, these calls were all about troubles which allegedly happened in Katie Couric house and because of that police have visited her household several times already. The calls were gotten from the phone which belongs to Katie Couric boyfriend Jay Monahan who later became her husband.
The calls happen to reach the station of 911 every Tuesday at 2 a.m. and the police is always addressed to go to Katie Couric’s house. During February alone there was at least ten calls received from his phone. When Katie Couric appeared late on her TV show, she explained to her audience the situation that strange calls happen every Tuesday at 2 a.m. What is even more interesting is that the phone calls usually happened when there is nobody at her house.
Moreover, the prank calls are affecting Katie Couric emotionally. She could not sleep several times after they happened. Katie Couric addressed the case to police officers and even asked Ray Kelly to help her. The police is investigating the case and trying to find out if it is the case when somebody makes the calls by using someone else’s mobile phone and hijacking the device.
Also, it is a very interesting case because it has been known that Katie Couric’s ex-husband Jay Monahan passed away in 1998 because of the cancer. Jay Monahan worked in the NBC news as a legal analyst. Katie Couric was affected a lot because of the death of her husband, thus she has even become a cancer advocate.
In addition to being an active spokesperson and trying to persuade people to go get screened because of the possibility of the cancer, she has also established several cancer organizations such as National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance. Thus, the death of Katie Couric boyfriend Jay Monahan, who was also her husband, affected her life a lot and with the recent prank calls the talk show host is even more stressed.

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