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Izabel Goulart is one of those celebrities who manage to hide their personal life and romantic relationships from the public. For quite a long time it has been known that Izabel Goualrt boyfriend is Marcelo Costa. What is even more, it has been announced that the couple was engaged to get married. In the interview to “GQ Italia” which took place in 2009, Izabel Goulart admitted that she was engaged to him. However, there have been no announcements of their wedding.

And the current Izabel Goulart boyfriend is – Marcelo Costa

Talking more about Izabel Goulart boyfriend, Marcelo Costa whose full name is Marcelo Pereira da Costa is known as a football player from Brazil. He plays in the position of midfielder in Joinville which plays in the second league of Brazilian football league. Izabel Goulart was spotted quite a few times with Izabel Goulart boyfriend Marcelo Costa after his games or watching her boyfriend play.
Talking more about the star herself, Izabel Goulart is known as a model from Brazil. She is mostly known as a model of Armani Exchange brand and Victoria Secret Fashion show where she participated for three years, from 2005 till 2008.
Born in 1984, Izabel Goulart has her origins in Italy. In one of her interviews, Izabel Goulart admitted that the hardest thing to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel is to be away from her home, her siblings and mother’s cooked food. When the model attended school, she was teased a lot because she was too skinny and tall. Therefore, Izabel Goulart was named ‘giraffe’ during her school years.
She became involved into modeling quite accidentally and not planned. When the model was only 14 years old, she was shopping for groceries together with her mother. A hair stylist suggested her mother to enroll Izabel Goulart into modeling school because she had quite a huge potential to become a model in the hairstylist’s eyes.
As a result, Izabel Goulart moved to live to San Paulo where she started her modeling career. However, the beginning in the modeling industry was not that successful. During her first performance, the top of her clothing fell open and Izabel Goulart felt embarrassed in front of a huge crowd, naturally. Later, she got used to all the mal functions of the modeling career and became one of the most successful models.

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