Bo Derek boyfriend

And the current Bo Derek boyfriend is – John Corbett

Since 2009 Bo Derek boyfriend has been considered to be John Corbett. In the beginning of their relationship Bo Derek had only nice things to say about her boyfriend. She stated that John Corbett was handsome and had a good sense of humor. She also added that it is a pity that her previous husband did not have those qualities.
Bo Derek is over 50 years old and has not had any plastic surgeries which look like they are not needed for her at all. However, the star herself thinks that sometimes when she sees a picture of herself in a newspaper she considers having one or another plastic surgery but admits that Bo Derek boyfriend John Corbett likes the way she is. Also, Bo Derek is somewhat against plastic surgeries. She states that women who had them loose something in their faces. It might be their expressions or emotions which become too fake after surgeries.
In addition, the star admits that she respects women who have not had any plastic surgeries although it might seem that they need it. Bo Derek claims that when she looks at her pictures in newspapers she has mixed emotions. In ones of them she looks pretty to herself and in others she would like to change all of her look.
Before she got involved with John Corbett, Bo Derek was married to John Derek with whom she stayed in a relationship for 22 years. Bo Derek was only 16 years old when she got involved with her later to be husband. They started seeing each other in Greece when Bo Derek appeared in his movie called “And Once Upon a Love”.
John Derek was notorious for being a huge womanizer and being 30 years older than his girlfriend of that time nobody agreed on their relationship and they had mostly negative comments about their love and dating. In addition, Bo Derek boyfriend at that time John Derek had a wife named Linda Evans and it was the third wife of him. Because Bo Derek was considered to be a minor in the United States, they lived together for two years in Germany until the star’s 18th birthday.

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