Adriana Lima boyfriend

When Adriana Lima has been spotted with a good looking man rumors have started who he might be. Later it was revealed that it was Adriana Lima boyfriend who right now is also her husband. Recently the couple has been spotted together chilling and sipping coffee. The couple was seen in Miami, Florida. Adriana Lima looked beautiful wearing denim shorts and drinking Starbucks coffee while her husband Marco Jaric was strolling next to his love.

And the current Adriana Lima boyfriend is – Marco Jaric

One day before the couple was spotted together, Adriana Lima tweeted on her Twitter account that she was home alone waiting for her husband to come back and posted many hearts together with the saying which implies that she is very much in love with Marco Jaric who happened to be not only Adriana Lima boyfriend but also the beauty’s husband.
In one of her recent interviews Adriana Lima revealed how her husband got her attention and got to marry her. Marco Jaric is mostly known to the public as a basketball player from Serbia. The most interesting thing is that Adriana Lima fell in love on their first date when Adriana Lima boyfriend showed up with a huge amount of roses to pick her. She admitted that Marco Jaric was the first man who gave her such a huge amount of roses.

Moreover, the couple congratulated a new member to their family in September when Adriana Lima gave birth to their newborn daughter named Sienna. The baby girl was born in New York. Sienna is a second baby girl to a couple. Adriana Lima and Marco Jaric have another daughter named Valentina who is three years old.
After Sienna was born Adriana Lima tweeted on her account that she and her husband are more than happy to welcome their new born to the world and that Valentina is thrilled to finally become a big sister.

Adriana Lima met her husband in 2006. In 2009 the couple got married and their first daughter came to the world in 2010. Adriana Lima also admitted that the first time she gave birth was more stressful than the second one. It is also known that the first daughter came to the world quite earlier than was expected.

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