Hayley Williams boyfriend

Recently, there have been quite a lot of rumors going on that Hayley Williams is getting married with her boyfriend. All these rumors started when Hayley Williams was spotted with her boyfriend going shopping for a ring. The couple was spotted visiting quite a few local engagement ring stores. Moreover, not only the star but also Hayley Williams boyfriend was eyeing the variety of rings.

And the current Hayley Williams boyfriend is – Chad Gilbert

Especially the couple was interested in rings with huge diamonds which looked exactly like engagement rings. Thus, a lot of people started talking that the couple is going to get married and that Hayley Williams boyfriend has already proposed to his love. However, it has not been proved yet.

In addition, a source which is close to the couple stated that they are almost sure that the couple will get married soon and that her boyfriend is planning to propose to the star as soon as possible. Hayley Williams has been said to be very much in love with him and it has been rumored that they relationship is getting into another level.

Also, there have been a lot of speculations on various social networks such as Facebook and Twitter where the fans of the couple guessed when the couple is going to get married. Some of them even claimed that they would be disappointed if the star will get married to such a beau and take him out of the market but they would still be glad for both of them. Thus, the rumors created a lot of mixed emotions.

When the rep of Hayley Williams was asked if she was getting married, the rep did not want to comment on anything which made the rumors to heat up even more.

In addition, recently it has been stated that Hayley Williams dog has suffered a very complicated surgery and it also has been rumored that Hayley Williams boyfriend has been together with the star during this hard moment which she had to pass. Moreover, the star had a lot of support from her fans on Twitter who were hoping for her dog to get well soon.

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