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Nick Cokas is known to be not only Katharine McPhee boyfriend but also her husband. The couple started dating in 2005 and in the very beginning they received a lot of controversy due to their age difference. At that time Katharine McPhee boyfriend Nick Cokas was 40 years old and Katharine McPhee was only 21. After three years of dating, Katharine McPhee got married to Nick Cokas. The wedding ceremony happened in Beverly Hills.

And the current Katharine Mcphee boyfriend is – Nick Cokas

Katharine McPhee is known from the TV show called “American Idol” from which she rose to her stardom. She also appeared in the musical TV show called “Smash” in which she showed a completely different side of her which was not known not only to her fans but also to the other people in the entertainment industry. In the TV show Katharine McPhee appeared sexier than ever and showed her womanly side which was not familiar to a lot of people.
In addition, Katharine McPhee family was also involved in the entertainment business. Her mother was a singing teacher and worked in a cabaret while her father was known to be involved in the cinema industry where he produced movies.
Talking more about her personal relationships, it has been known that the star is attracted to older men, as it is also the case of the current Katharine McPhee boyfriend and husband Nick Cokas. Recently, the couple has celebrated their fourth marriage anniversary. The first time Katharine McPhee met Nick Cokas was in a theater production in Los Angeles. Later, Nick Cokas advised and encouraged Katharine McPhee to appear in auditions of “American Idol” and this was the time when Katharine McPhee fell in love with him and their romantic relationship began.
Katharine McPhee started to sing when she was only two years old. When she was studying in her high school, she was already performing on the stage in front of huge audiences. However, Katharine McPhee quitted attending musical conservatory because she was advised to audition for various TV pilots, thus instead of concentrating on her studies, the star decided to seek for a career in the music industry.

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