Kathy Griffin boyfriend

And the current Kathy Griffin boyfriend is – Randy Bick

Kathy Griffin and Kathy Griffin boyfriend Randy Bick has been known as one of the most controversial couples in the entertainment industry. The main reason of that is their age difference.
Recently, the couple has been spotted together sporting outside and the rumors have started that this is probably because Kathy Griffin boyfriend is trying to keep his girlfriend as fit and as young as possible. Although Kathy Griffin is 19 years older than her current boyfriend, when the couple was spotted together running it was clear that she can hold her own. Kathy Griffin did not wear any make up and her hair was styled in a pony tail, however she looked like ready for action and ready to beat Randy Bick in a competition of running.
It has been known that the couple has been dating for more than a year already. Randy Bick is known as being involved into marketing managing.
Also, in one of her interviews Kathy Griffin stated that the first time she met Randy Bick was at some food and wine restaurant and added that she likes to eat a lot. In a one year time, Kathy Griffin and Kathy Griffin boyfriend never have hidden their emotions towards each other.
Moreover, during the time when they were spotted doing sports together, at the end of their hike they were spotted holding each others hands which is another proof of them being happy and not caring about paparazzis or hiding their personal lives from them.
Kathy Griffin is one of the most popular TV stars who has her own comic show where she talks about the most important events which happened during the week and which are judged by a panel made of celebrities.
Moreover, she has been notorious for some inappropriate gestures which she tends to do in public. During the New Year’s Eve Special, Kathy Griffin imitated oral sex on her colleague Anderson Cooper, which might as well irritated Kathy Griffin boyfriend Randy Bick.
Thus, because of her difficult character and hard comedy stuff Randy Brick gets irritated and annoyed from time to time. However, they seem to solve it pretty well seeing how happy they are together.

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