Ana Ivanovic boyfriend

And the current Ana Ivanovic boyfriend is – Vanja Udovicic

The rumors about new Ana Ivanovic boyfriend started in the summer of 2012. It stated that the current Anna Ivanovic boyfriend was Vanja Udovicic who is known as a water polo player from Serbia.
The news about the new couple were posted in a Serbian magazine called “Press” which is considered to be one of the most reliable newspapers in the country, thus the rumors about the new couple might be true as well. At first, the couple seemed to hide the fact that they were dating although both of them were spotted quite a lot of times leaving Serbian restaurants together. Moreover, it has been rumored that even their closest friends did not that Ana Ivanovic boyfriend has been Vanja Udovicic for quite a lot of time, thus it is apparent that the couple was hiding their relationship and keeping their lives in private. Also, it has been reported that the couple were hiding their relationship successfully for two months.
The magazine “Press” reported that Ana Ivanovic who is considered to be one of the most beautiful tennis players started dating water polo player Vanha Udovicic soon after she broke up with her ex-boyfriend Adam Scott who is known as one of the most professional golfers. The couple has been seen together dining and going shopping for quite a lot of times and recently it has been claimed that it grew more and became not only a simple friendly relationship. In fact, they started being friends and became lovers.
Furthermore, it has been claimed by a reliable source that Vanja Udovicic appeared in her life when she broke up with Adam Scott. At first, he tried to make her feel better by trying to take her mind off of Adam Scott and soon after it grew up into stronger feelings which started to be felt by both sides. Thus, the couple did not want for their relationship to become public because Ana Ivanovic was just out of one relationship. Their secret place for meetings was known to be one café in Belgrade and one fish restaurant in the same city. Now, when everything got public, the couple seems to enjoy each other’s company. Therefore, the current Ana Ivanovic boyfriend appears to make her happy.

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