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Recently it has been announced that Ciara has taken a trip to Dubai. When she came back, Ciara boyfriend Future was waiting for his love. The couple had a romantic dinner together after Future took Ciara from the airport.
Therefore, Ciara and Ciara boyfriend are back together again and it seems that the couple is enjoying every minute of being together. They were spotting together in California heading for a dinner on Tuesday evening. Ciara is known to the public as one of the most successful R&B singers.

And the current Ciara boyfriend is – Nayvadius Cash

She and Future who is also known as Nayvadius Cash have been together for quite some time before the split. However, it seems that the two of them cannot live without each other, thus they reunited. When the couple was seen together heading for a dinner in a restaurant, both of them looked very glamorous with Ciara’s hand wrapped around his arm. Dressed in black, Ciara chose some accessories to go together with her outfit such as fur shall around her neck, leather clutch and Louboutin heels. In addition, both Ciara and Ciara boyfriend Future were seen with the same metal bracelets on their right hands.

When the couple noticed paparazzi, they tend to keep their heads down and at one point Ciara boyfriend even put his hand on his face although he was already wearing sun glasses in the evening which might imply that the couple is still trying to hide the fact that they are dating or because they both like to keep their relationship in private.

This was the first time when the couple was spotted together after Ciara came back from her exotic trip in Dubai. Before the couple met, Ciara posted some photos of her spending time in Dubai including the picture where she was sitting on a camel. The pictures were posted on her Twitter account.
Moreover, in one of his interviews Future admitted that he is very happy to be together with Ciara and she is a perfect woman for him. In addition, Ciara took a photo on a program Instagram with her boyfriend showing that she is not hiding the fact that they are in a relationship and she even wrote under it “Happiness. Love. Caring. Bomb. Inspiring. Everything. He Is…<3.”

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