Selita Ebanks boyfriend

And the current Selita Ebanks boyfriend is – Ryan Howard

It has been rumored that Selita Ebanks boyfriend is Ryan Howard. The couple started dating in the summer of 2010. She was seen in one of his games and tried to keep it as private as she could that she and Ryan Howard were an item.
Selita Ebanks boyfriend Ryan Howard is known as a member of the Philadelphia Phillies, a team which plays in American Major League Baseball. In the baseball world, Ryan Howard is referred to as the ‘Big Piece’. One of the most interesting strategies in his playing the game is that he throws and bats with his left hand. Ryan Howard is also referred to as an extreme pull hitter in the sports area.
Before Selita Ebanks got involved with Ryan Howard, she was known to be with another sportsman, Osi Umenyiora. The couple was claimed to be together in 2008. Although she seemed very much in love, Selita Ebanks divorced with him in the end of the same year they started dating.
Selita Ebanks boyfriend Osi Umenyiora is known as a player of the Atlanta Falcons, which plays in the National Football League. He occupies the position of the defensive end. At Troy, Osi Umenyiora played college football, as well. In 2003, the player was drafted by the New York Giants. Osi Umenyiora has won Super Bowl several times and is one of not so many players of British origin to win it. The other British players who have done that are Lawrence Tynes and Scott McCready. In addition, he is a record holder of having the highest number of sacks during one game.
Although during all the time when they were in a relationship they tried to keep it a secret and none of their reps have ever said something about it, it was finally revealed that they were an item.
Another Selita Ebanks boyfriend was known to be Nick Cannon whom she dated in 2007. He was not only her boyfriend, but also her fiancé. Nick Cannon proposed to Selita Ebanks in the New York City Time Square. However, the couple decided not to get married and divorced which they explained by the fact that they wanted to pay more attention to their careers.

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