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Ime Udoka who is known as a basketball player is known to be Nia Long boyfriend. Together they have a son named Kez but they are not married yet. Nia Long has explained this fact by stating that she did not see how marriage could work, therefore there is no need for them to get married if it only spoils their relationship. Therefore, although they got a lot of comments about not getting married yet, Nia Long does not pay attention to it and it appears that Nia Long boyfriend has his mind, as well.

And the current Nia Long boyfriend is – Ime Udoka

Although the actress stated that she has not have any ideas to get married yet, Nia Long also has not stated that she does not want to get married at all. Her baby boy Kez was shown to the public when he was only two months old. Proud mommy Nia Long took a walk in Los Angeles carrying her baby boy and smiling all the way. This was not the first baby to Nia Long. Her first son is a ten year old named Massai whose father is Massai Z Dorsey who used to be Nia Long boyfriend.
Talking more about her relationship with Ime Udoka, Nia Long admitted that she is quite furious about reading comments related to her family life. The actress stated that she feels very happy having a great time with Ime Udoka and their son and still she gets a lot of criticism about not getting married to him. Nia Long assured that she does not think that she would be more loved if she got married to Ime Udoka.
Nia Long claimed that for her marriage right now is not a priority and she feels happy and loved in a way in which she is living with Ime Udoka right now. In addition, Nia Long stated that she feels matured emotionally already because she found strength to reconcile with the father of her first son, Massai, which was difficult to do in the beginning of their separation. Finally, she is more than happy to call Massai Z Dorsey not only as her son’s father but also as her friend.

nia long boyfriend nia long boyfriend

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