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It has been known for quite a while that Geri Halliwell has been dating Anton Kaszubowski. However, the couple was together for only four months when Geri Halliwell decided to end her relationship with him. Geri Halliwell explained that after four months she realized that he is not the man she has been looking for after all.

And the current Geri Halliwell boyfriend is – Anton Kaszubowski

When they were together, Geri Halliwell and Geri Halliwell boyfriend Anton Kaszubowski used to take quite a lot of trips to Rome where they were spotted having great time together, thus it was quite a surprise when the news reached the public about Geri Halliwell splitting from Anton Kaszubowski.
Geri Halliwell who is best known as a member from the girl band called “Spice Girls” broke up with her boyfriend because, as a source close to the star stated, Geri Halliwell boyfriend was quite boring. Before she met Anton Kaszubowski, Geri Halliwell was in a relationship with Sacha Gervasi who is known as a film director. Moreover, with him the singer has a daughter who is named Bluebell and who is six years old. The source close to Geri Halliwell also stated that the singer likes to be entertained at all times which was hard to do for Geri Halliwell boyfriend Anton Kaszubowski.
However, although sometimes it was difficult to be with her, Anton Kaszubowski was very much in love and felt broken after Geri Halliwell expressed to him that she wanted to break up. Also, the source admitted that it is extremely hard to keep Geri Halliwell entertained and happy, thus she needs to find a man who would maintain her in that way at all times. It is also worth mentioning that before he got involved with Geri Halliwell, Anton Kaszubowski was still married to his Russian wife Zoryna Ayzenshtat. However, after two years of marriage life the couple decided to divorce.
When Geri Halliwell first met Anton Kaszubowski, she was sure that he was the one. They enjoyed quite a lot of trips everywhere in the world, including several trips to Rome. In addition, they also enjoyed their time spent at the countryside.

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