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Sandra Oh is mostly known as an actress from the TV show called “Grey’s Anatomy”. However, she is also known because of her relationships with men. In 2007 Sandra Oh started seeing Andrew Featherston who immediately started to be called the newest Sandra Oh boyfriend. Andrew Featherston is known as a musician who is a member in the band called “The Hereafter”. Sandra Oh has been seen with Sandra Oh boyfriend Andrew Featherston for quite a lot of times in a lot of different occasions such as going hiking, riding their bikes or just going out and about in public places. Although he makes his own living out of his career as a musician, to a lot of people he is known only as Sandra Oh boyfriend.

And the current Sandra Oh boyfriend is – Andrew Featherston

Before the actress got involved with Andrew Featherston, she was married to Alexander Payne. They started dating in 2000 and after three years of seeing each other they decided to get married. Alexander Payne is also known as a film producer and director. He directed one of the movies in which Sandra Oh appeared and which was called “Sideways”. In the movie, Sandra Oh played one of the main characters.
However, after the release of the movie the couple announced that they were getting divorced as they realized that they were not meant to be together. The divorce process was prolonged till they finally separated in 2006. For a few years the couple had difficulties in settling their financial matters.
Talking more about Alexander Payne, he has worked on quite a lot of movies such as “About Schmidt”, “Election”, “The Descendants” and some others. One of the main features of Alexander Payne’s movies is his use of black humor and satirical characteristics which portray the modern American society.
In addition to his involvement in the cinema industry, Alexander Payne co works together with the film theater called “Film Streams” where he is also a member of the Board of Directors. He is also known as a preserver. Recently, he has contributed into helping to preserve a film theater in Nebraska.

sandra oh boyfriend sandra oh boyfriend

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