Olivia Newton John boyfriend

Three years ago shocking news broke about Olivia Newton John boyfriend Patrick McDermott. He was known to be missing for five year years and in 2010 the breaking news reached the public that Patrick McDermott was living in New Mexico and changed his name.

And the current Olivia Newton boyfriend is – Patrick McDermott

The news was revealed by people living in a small city in Mexico called Sayulita where Olivia Newton John boyfriend was living. According to the people, he was working in a yacht and took tourists on various trips to the sea. In addition, one source stated that the man looked very down to earth and took his job seriously.
When the residents of the town saw the picture of Olivia Newton John boyfriend, they realized that it was the same man who was taking tourists on trips on the yacht. He was missing right after he broke up with his girlfriend whom he had dated for nine years. Furthermore, one source living in Sayulita admitted that for the last years his past started to get into public in their town, as well.
What is even more interesting is that when the people of the town realized who this man was for sure, they did not make a huge scene out of it. Patrick Dermott seemed keeping low profile and the town is a really relaxing and calm place, therefore there were no screaming or shouting in Sayulita.
In 2005 Patrick McDermott was fishing on the Californian coast when everybody started to think that he would probably fell off the coast. Olivia Newton John stated that she was heartbroken when she heard the news about her boyfriend missing. Olivia Newton John boyfriend Patrick McDermott used to work as a lighting technician in cinema industry before he mysteriously disappeared.
When the captain of the yacht in which Patrick McDermott is working was asked about the disappeared man, he stated that he did not want to talk about that because he did not want to get any problems because of him. One source also added that Patrick McDermott was a really calm man and did not get involved into community’s matters.

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