Anne Hathaway boyfriend

And the current Anne Hathaway boyfriend is – Adam Shulman

It has been known for quite a while already that Anne Hathaway boyfriend Adam Shulman proposed to her and the couple is happily married. Recently the couple has been spotted together on a date having coffee in a small café shop. They were seen kissing and cuddling which proves that they still are so much in love.
Anne Hathaway and Anne Hathaway boyfriend Adam Shulman are still considered to be newlyweds and because of many professional duties this date was really important for them to see each other because they do not have enough time to do it especially with Anne Hathaway’s being so busy in the filming sets.
During the coffee break, the couple was seen kissing and did not pay attention to any of the public eyes and paparazzi and just enjoyed their time being together. The couple stayed at a local coffee shop in Brooklyn. Anne Hathaway boyfriend and now her husband Adam Shulman was more than happy to see his wife Anne Hathaway who is a star on “Les Miserables” kissing and keeping her in his arms. After the couple finished their coffee, they enjoyed the sun while taking a stroll down the street.
The actress looked stunning as always wearing a blue trench coat, skinny jeans and a pair of Louboutin shoes. She also did not wear any make up and hide her face while wearing shades.
Adam Shulman is known as an actor and also a jewelry designer, thus there were a lot of rumors sparkling before they got married when Anne Hathaway boyfriend would create a proposal ring for his love.
However, when strolling down the road, the couple seemed more like freestylers than Oscar winners. Several days before the couple was spotted in the café shop, they were observed walking together hand in hand and seemed very happy.
Also, the couple was spotted in Los Angeles enjoying sun which they replaced by the cold weather in New York. Anne Hathaway and her new husband walked down the streets and enjoyed their drinks. Anne Hathaway chose to drink coffee while her husband enjoyed his fresh juice.

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