Christina Aguilera boyfriend

And the current Christina Aguilera boyfriend is – Matt Rutler

Christina Aguilera has been known to the public not only because of her talents and brilliant voice but also because of her relationships with a lot of famous men. One of so popular relationships was with Christina Aguilera boyfriend Matt Rutler.
Currently Christina Aguilera is known as one of the coaches of the TV series called “The Voice” and Matt Rutler is known as a former production assistant. When the couple started dating, a lot of people believed that their relationship would not last long, although they seemed like a dream couple. The singer got involved with Matt Rutler right before she separated with her ex-husband Jordan Bratman, with whom singer was involved in an unhappy marriage.
The subsequent Christina Aguilera boyfriend Matt Rutler seemed like a distraction to Christina Aguilera and made her life not so depressive after the separation from Jordan Bratman. Thus, a lot of people believed that Christina Aguilera was dating him in order to forget her unhappy marriage, however she stayed with Matt Rutler for a longer time.
The first time when Matt Rutler met Christina Aguilera was in the filming of “The Burlesque”. In the making of it, Matt Rutler worked as a production assistant. Before the making of “The Burlesque” Christina Aguilera boyfriend has been involved in producing other movies as well such as “The Social Network” and “The Town”. Now, he is known as catering food for his love off-set and not as a producer anymore, although these news have not been confirmed yet.
Matt Rutler was born in a small town in New Jersey area. There, he attended Roger Williams University established in Rhode Island where he got his degree.
Also, Matt Rutler has been known as the one who takes Christina Aguilera home in his car after various events, dinners and dates. Moreover, Christina Aguilera boyfriend Matt Rutler has been involved into family traditions of Christina Aguilera. He has been out with the singer and her son Max picking out pumpkins for Halloween at Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood and seemed like he and Max get on very well.

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