Nina Dobrev boyfriend

And the current Nina Dobrev boyfriend is – Ian Somerhalder

Today’s Nina Dobrev boyfriend is known to be Ian Somerhalder. The couple has been together for around three years which is quite a lot of time when you consider both people being in the entertainment industry.
In Christmas of 2012, the lovely couple was spotted going to shop for a tree together and they seemed more than happy together. The couple started dating in 2010 and they have been in a relationship since then.
The thing worth mentioning is that previous to their dating Nina Dobrev has stated that she would never date her co-star from “Vampire Diaries”. But somehow it seems that you cannot plan things since Nina Dobrev boyfriend appears to be acting in “Vampire Diaries”, too. The actress herself noticed that when she was interviewed for the “Seventeen” magazine. She admitted that two years ago before they started dating she stated quite a lot of reasons why she would never date any of her co-stars. Thus, today Nina Dobrev boyfriend Ian Somerhalder is not only her co-star, but also her love.
However, there also have been rumors about the couple getting more and more jealous about each other. When the couple consists of two actors who appear to be really good looking and talented, it is normal that both sides get worried about each other.
Initially, Nina Dobrev did not plan to get involved with any of her co-stars because as he stated her goal was to become professional while acting in “Vampire Diaries”. In fact, she fought for a long time not to get involved with the co-star, however you cannot say no for what your heart desires. After one season of filming “Vampire Diaries” the sparkle between the actors started to be more and more obvious. In the show, Nina Dobrev plays the character of Elena Gilbert and Ian Somerhalder portrays the role of Daman Salvatore.
The first time when the loving couple was noticed together was at the Coachella festival, where both the actress and Nina Dobrev boyfriend were not afraid to show that they are in love. The couple was kissing and always holding hands.

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