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Tilda Swinton is one of the most popular British actresses. However, the public is interested in her romantic relationships almost as much as they are interested in her involvement into cinema industry.

And the current Tilda Swinton boyfriend is – John Byrne

One of Tilda Swanton boyfriends was known to be John Byrne who is also involved into cinema business and works as a playwright. However, there are no precise dates when the couple started a romantic relationship because it was never stated publicly. In 1997 their twin babies were born who were named Xavier and Honor. It is also known that the couple is no longer together, however they did not file for divorce and both of them stated that they are comfortable with things in that way.
Another Tilda Swenton boyfriend is known to be Sandro Kopp who is considered to be her most recent boyfriend. She started dating him in 2004, although she is still married to John Byrne. However, when he was asked about his wife’s dating another man, John Byrne stated that he was perfectly fine with it.
In addition, it is also known that Tilda Swinton is living together with Sandro Kopp and her twins from John Byrne in Scotland. Talking about her recent Tilda Swenton boyfriend, Sandro Kopp is known as an artist and painter from New Zealand. Moreover, John Byrnes is going on with his life too. It has been announced that he is living with his new partner Jeanine Davis in Edinburgh.
When she started dating Sandro Kopp, a lot of people believed that their relationship would not last long. Recently, Tilda Swinton has been seen with Sandro Kopp in New York walking hands in hands and proved that their relationship is still going strong. In addition, her boyfriend seemed to have not been shaved for the last couple of months since his beard looked extremely long. Also, Sandro Kopp accentuated his look with wearing a purple scarf while Tilda Swinton was dressed in a long coat.
When talking about her marriage with John Byrne, Tilda Swinton admitted that she wanted her marriage to last, however things happen in life and you cannot control them. However, she claimed that she does not regret it, also.

tilda swinton boyfriend tilda swinton boyfriend

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