Lucy Hale boyfriend

And the current Lucy Hale boyfriend is – Chris Zylka

It has been known for a while that Lucy Hale boyfriend was Chris Zylka. However, the couple has broken up quite recently. Such a fact usually is kept between the people involved for a long time before it reaches the public, however it seems that Chris Zylka wanted a lot of people to know about it and posted it on his Twitter profile.
Chris Zylka who is known as a very good actor recently was filmed for the movie “The Amazing Spider Man”. Moreover, Lucy Hale boyfriend has tweeted quite a lot of times in his social profile that Lucy Hale thought that she was too good to date him. However, it appears that Chris Zylka regrets this behavior and posted seven tweets expressing his apologies to Lucy Hale.
It has been reported that the couple was together for six months. Chris Zylka’s fans seemed to be excited for the actor and many of them congratulated him on having such a gorgeous girlfriend. However, Lucy Hale boyfriend replied to one of his fan who congratulated him on having a pretty girlfriend with saying that she is no his girlfriend anymore because Lucy Hale decided that she was better than him.
In addition, after he realized that his previous tweet about Lucy Hale thinking that she was too good for him, Chris Zylka deleted all his tweets related to the topic. Instead, he wrote a long comment apologizing to Lucy Hale. His comment stated a lot of nice and heart warming things about Lucy Hale. Chris Zylka admitted that she is one of the most professional and talented people he has ever met.
Moreover, according to him, Lucy Hale is beautiful from inside as well as if not more from the inside. Chris Zylka went on with saying that anyone who knows her would admit that it is true. He apologized hundreds of times in his tweets and showed his regret that he trashed her reputation with his previous tweets. Moreover, in his comments Chris Zylka expressed his love quite a lot of times, which might imply that if it warms the heart of the star, Lucy Hale boyfriend might again be Chris Zylka.

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