Katrina Bowden boyfriend

Recently it has been announced that Katrina Bowden is getting married to Ben Jorgensen who is Katrina Bowden boyfriend. The wedding happened in New York City where it was organized by the newly weds themselves.

And the current Katrina Bowden boyfriend is – Ben Jorgensen

Katrina Bowden who is mostly known as an actress from the TV show called “30 Rock” which is broadcasted on the NBC channel said yes to her boyfriend Ben Jorgensen who is known as a musician and who after ceremony became not only Katrina Bowden boyfriend, but also her husband. Although during the wedding ceremony the rain was pouring, the couple seemed nothing but happy to finally exchange their vows.
The wedding took place on Sunday at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. The couple got engaged in January of 2012. Katrina Bowden confessed that planning a wedding is a more complicated thing to do than one can imagine. The actress admitted that she did not know anything about how to plan a wedding or how it should be organized, nevertheless the ceremony has been said to be very cozy and successful.
In addition, Katrina Bowden confessed that probably the thing which was easiest to decide on was to pick a wedding dress. The actress stated that her wedding dress was one of the first ones she tried on, thus the decision was made quickly.
In January Katrina Bowden appeared on the cover of “Maxim” magazine for the second time. The first time she was on the cover of it was when Katrina Bowden boyfriend Ben Jorgensen proposed to the star.
In addition to being preoccupied with her wedding, Katrina Bowden has been involved in other professional projects since the end of her TV show “30 Rock”. Recently, she has finished filming for the movie called “Scary Movie 5” where she starred with such stars as Lindsay Lohan, Ashley Tisdale and Charlie Sheen. In addition, she appeared in the movie “Nurse” in 3D. Moreover, in 2011 Katrina Bowden got a title of the Sexiest Woman on the Earth which was given to her by the Esquire magazine. With her being so involved into cinema industry, her husband Ben Jorgensen is also busy performing in his band called “Armor For Sleep”.

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