Marion Cotillard boyfriend

In the end of last year Marion Cotillard was spotted cheering Guillaume Canet who is known as Marion Cotillard boyfriend and who was competing at the Paris Masters. In addition, she brought her family to watch Guillaume Canet on the saddle.

And the current Marion Cotillard boyfriend is – Guillaume Canet

Guillaume Canet was competing at the Style & Competition for Amade at the Gucci Paris Masters of 2012. In the competition, Marion Cotillard boyfriend ended up with winning the fifth place. Guillaume Canet was seen confident jumping on his horse and showing his equestrian skills while riding a horse. Marion Cotillard was sitting in her VIP box and it seemed as if she was very proud of him.
At one point she was soy joyful that she picked her son named Marcel on her arms and started waving and shouting. In the end of the competition, she waved to Guillaume Canet and screamed with joy. Therefore, it seemed as if Marion Cotillard was really happy with her boyfriend’s winning.
It is not a surprise that Marion Cotillard boyfriend enjoys riding horses knowing the fact that he grew up in a family of horse breeders in a ranch farm established in France. He started riding horses when he was only a toddler and when he was only ten years old, Guillaume Canet was already performing with horses in the circus.
At that time he dreamt that he would become a professional show jumper one day. However, his dream was crushed when he suffered an accident while being 18 years old during the performance together with his national junior equestrian team. The accident involved his horse missing an obstacle and falling right on Guillaume Canet.
Therefore, he turned to another profession which was getting involved into cinema industry. Today he is known as an actor and film director. Before he started act and direct movies, he appeared in several theatre and television productions. He appeared in a few hit movies such as ‘The Beach’ and ‘Love Me If You Dare’. In 2006, in addition to acting, he started directing. One of his first movies which he directed was ‘Tell No One’.

marion cotillard boyfriend marion cotillard boyfriend

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