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Annalynne McCord has been dating Dominic Purcell for quite a while already. Dominic Purcell is the current Annalynne McCord boyfriend with whom Annalynne McCord likes spending her free time a lot. Recently the couple has been spotted together having a day date. What was the most interesting is that Annalynne McCord looked like she was getting ready to go horseback riding because she wore horse riding pants. Although the couple went only for shopping, it seemed that both of them, especially the woman herself, were ready to enjoy their time on horses.

And the current Annalynne Mccord boyfriend is – Dominic Purcell

Annalynne McCord and Annalynne McCord boyfriend Dominic Purcell were seen in a shopping mall in California. The couple looked much in love with Dominic Purcell’s hand wrapped around Annalynne McCord’s shoulders. The couple enjoyed their time in a shopping mall set outdoors where Dominic Purcell bought a book in Barnes & Nobles book store. Moreover, Annalynne McCord boyfriend carried her bag all the way and did not even care that it looked too girly with fringes and in turquoise color.

Annalynne McCord who is mostly known to the public as a star from the TV show “90210” wore a little bit of make up except for her lips which looked intensely red. In addition to wearing riding pants, the actress also wore brown riding shoes and jacket of the same color. Her boyfriend looked more casual wearing jeans, grey shirt and a baseball cap.

In one of her recent interviews the actress said that although she is dating her boyfriend since 2011 she is not thinking about getting married in a near future. She also admitted that she felt pressure from the outside to get married in 2012 because it was the year when her sisters got engaged and also Shenae Grimes with whom she acts also received an engagement proposal. Nevertheless, Annalynne McCord stated that she is happy and satisfied to be in a girlfriend-boyfriend relationship, thus there are no thoughts in her mind to get married soon.
Moreover, Annalynne McCord is not worried by the fact that she and her boyfriend are in a 20 years of age gap. She also agreed that she liked older men because they are like rocks for her.

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