Jordin Sparks boyfriend

And the current Jordin Sparks boyfriend is – Jason Derulo

One of the most adorable couples in the music industry is considered to be singers Jordin Sparks and Jordin Sparks boyfriend Jason Derulo.
Recently, the couple has participated in a photo shoot together. Jordin Sparks have been dating Jason Derulo for two years already and the two states that the marriage does not scare neither of them. Their photos were published in a magazine “Glamour” and it showcased them in four different styles related to dating night.
In the interview which was published alongside with their photos, the singer Jordin Sparks talked about their first date, her changing hairstyles and also possibility to marry the current Jordin Sparks boyfriend Jason Derulo. When talking about the marriage, Jordin Sparks revealed that they are not scared about it however they do not rush to go to the isle also.
In one of the photos, Jordin Sparks has her hands wrapped around Jason Derulo’s face. In another one, Jordin Sparks hops on his back and enjoys a piggy back ride. In almost all of the photos, the couple is dressed in casual style except one photo where Jordin Sparks wears pink dress which accentuates her skinny waist.
Moreover, Jordin Sparks hairstyles were changed as her dressing style changed, ranging from high pony tails to pigtails. In addition, in one of the photos where Jordin Sparks is laying on the ground together with her boyfriend and gazing in each other’s eyes, she wears a lot of curly hair extensions.
Jordin Sparks is the winner of the TV show “American Idol”. She claimed in the interview that it took a long time since she got her hair that long because after the show her hair got damaged a lot since a lot of different hairstyles were done to the singer every night.
The singer is looking stunning today and Jordin Sparks boyfriend seems to be more than happy next to her. In the interview Jason Derulo admitted that he hopes that Jordin Sparks will never cut her hair because to him it is one of the prettiest features of the singer. Moreover, Jason Derulo stated that he has different names for Jordin Sparks which relate to her different hairstyles.

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