Olivia Palermo boyfriend

And the current Olivia Palermo boyfriend is – Johannes Huebl

Recently Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl who is known as the current Olivia Palermo boyfriend have been noticed enjoying their time in the sea where they kissed and cuddled as if they did not care that there are paparazzi watching them and taking pictures of them.
The couple has been spotted in the beach of St. Barts where they showed affection towards each other and did not care that they are in public with millions of eyes watching them. When Olivia Palermo boyfriend was holding the star in his hands in the sea, the couple seemed to be in love very much.
Olivia Palermo showed off her perfect bronze tan and wore a grey bikini with white straps on it. Every time when Olivia Palermo has been spotted in the Caribbean beach, she has chosen to wear a strapless bikini which accentuated her ideal figure.
With a lot of manly eyes on her, it has been rumored that Johannes Huebl is getting more and more jealous. However, the couple has been dating for more than four years which might imply that jealousy would not ruin their relationship since Olivia Palermo has been getting a lot of attention from men from the beginning of her and Johannes Huebl’s relationship.
In addition, Johannes Huebl is known as a very successful model which also might imply that Olivia Palermo might get jealous as well with womanly eyes staring at him all the time. Especially when he spends time in the beach and shows of his tan and his swimming pants, women cannot take their eyes off of him.
Olivia Palermo has been spotted being very happy in the arms of her boyfriend while he held her in the sea. It seemed that Olivia Palermo also had some exercises while she was on the beach running in and out of the water. In addition, Olivia Palermo boyfriend also looked fit with his abs and biceps which were looked at by many female visitors of the beach.
The couple is known as living together right now in New York and the rumors about their starting a family and getting married also have been floating for quite a while already.

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