Diane Kruger boyfriend

Recently, Diane Kruger has been attending a red carpet event in the premiere of the movie called “The Host”. The star appeared together with Joshua Jackson who is the current Diane Kruger boyfriend.

And the current Diane Kruger boyfriend is – Joshua Jackson

Diane Kruger is mostly known as an actress who appeared in a hit movie called “Helen of Troy”. When Diane Kruger appeared in the premier of the movie “The Host” in which she appears, she was wearing a black dress which received a lot of criticism. By some critics the dress was considered as somewhat daring because the sides of it had some sheer material through which her body could be seen.
The movie ‘The Host” is based on a novel written by Stephenie Meyers who is also known as an author of the so popular “Twilight” saga. “The Host” is based on a story about parasitic organisms which are living in humans’ bodies and minds and invade them. In the movie, Diane Kruger plays a part of The Seeker who realizes that something wrong is happening with humans. The actress described her character as having different qualities, such as being nice but at the same time having a lot of anger.
In addition, Diane Kruger admitted that she was really glad to get chosen to appear in the movie which is based on Stephenie Meyers’ novel because she confessed that she is a big fan of “Twilight” saga and was more than happy to appear in the author’s another film.
It has been known that Diane Kruger boyfriend Joshua Jackson has been together with the actress for seven years. The couple posed smiling for the paparazzi and it seemed as if they were so much in love as it was in the beginning of their relationship. However, his dressing choice in the movie premiere event was somewhat criticized. His clothes were simpler than his girlfriend’s who was dressed in a rather posh and elegant style. Diane Kruger boyfriend Joshua Jackson was dressed in a white top and jeans. In addition, Joshua Jackson looked like he had not shaved his beard for quite some time. Moreover, he made his look a little bit more festive with wearing a black blazer.

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