Susan Sarandon boyfriend

From December of 2009 Susan Sarandon boyfriend has been known to be Jonathan Bricklin. One of the most interesting things about the couple is that they met in the circuit of ping pong. In addition, in the beginning of their relationship a lot of people did not think that it was going to work between the two due to a large age difference of them. It has to be mentioned that Susan Sarandon boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin is 30 years younger than his girlfriend.

And the current Susan Sarandon boyfriend is – Jonathan Bricklin

Moreover, there were quite a lot of rumors going on back in September of 2012 that they were going to get married due to the fact that the couple was seen going shopping in the jewelry store where they checked engagement rings. It was quite a surprise for a lot of people because previously Susan Sarandon stated that marriage life is not for her.
Susan Sarandon was spotted in Amsterdam’s jewelry store together with Jonathan Bricklin, who is known as her partner in her ping pong center business established in New York. When she was in Amsterdam, Susa Sarandon also promoted her movie called “Cloud Atlas”. Moreover, Susan Sarandon was one of the respected guests at the Amsterdam’s Film Week festival.
During all her visit in Amsterdam, Susan Sarandon was accompanied by her boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin whom she started dating right before she divorced from her husband, also actor, Tim Robbins. However, when Susan Sarandon’s rep was asked about the rumors of her getting married, the rep stated that the actress was too busy to get married and was concentrating on her career more than on anything else. Therefore, it implied that Susan Sarandon boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin will have to wait a little more time before settling down with the actress.
Also, when the actress was in her twenties, she was married to Chris Sarandon. Later, she was in a relationship with Franco Amurri who is known as a film director from Italy. He is also the father of Susan Sarandon’s daughter Eva Amurri. After she broke up with him, Susan Sarandon started a relationship with Tim Robbins with whom she was married for 21 years.

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