Alesha Dixon boyfriend

It has been known that Alesha Dixon boyfriend is Noel Simpson. In one of his recent interviews Noel Simpson has revealed some spicy details about their relationship. He stated that before he became an official Alesha Dixon boyfriend he dated the star for tow years and was her secret lover. It might be that Alesha Dixon gets angry because of this statement because she wanted to keep this fact secret from all of her fans and public.

And the current Alesha Dixon boyfriend is – Noel Simpson

Alesha Dixon met her boyfriend Noel Simpson, who belongs to the band called “Damage”, before she even became popular. At that time she worked in at bookmakers. In the interview Noel Simpson revealed that even when he met her for the first time when she was not famous yet, he noticed her qualities which the star still has today such as beauty, headstrong and a wonderful heart. Thus, although he revealed some facts to the public for which Alesha Dixon will not say thanks to him, he still maintained his ‘goo boyfriend’ position and mentioned quite a lot of great facts about the star.

Alesha Dixon boyfriend Noel Simpson also said that if she believed that something was right, she was for it 100 percent. He also added that in the beginning of their relationship she seemed to be very humble and grounded and Noel Simpson admitted that she is still like that and has not changed even when got involved into entertainment business.

Alesha Dixon who is known as a former judge on the TV show “Britain’s Got Talent” always tried to keep their relationship in private. Alesha Dixon was only 19 years old when she met Noel Simpson and started dating him. At that time Noel Simpson was known to be a member of the band called “Damage”.

Noel Simpson admitted that in the beginning of their relationship he was so keen on seeing her everyday that whenever he got time, he would always travel to her home which was established in Welwyn Garden City to see her. He also confessed that he used taxi services to drive to see her. Taxi drivers were charged back to the label when they realized that he was asking to drive him out of London.

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