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Nikki Reed is mostly known as an actress who appeared in the indie movie called “Thirteen”. It is also known that the film is partly based on the actress’ own childhood. In addition, Nikki Reed is mostly known to a lot of people as an actress who appeared in the Twilight saga. In addition, it has been announced that she already received four more films to appear in this year.

And the current Nikki Reed boyfriend is – Paul McDonald

However, although her career seems to be in the peak right now, Nikki Reed tries to put her family in the first place as well as relationship with Paul McDonald who is known to be not only Nikki Reed boyfriend but also her husband.
Nikki Reed admitted that she wrote the movie “Thirteen” based on her experiences in her childhood. The actress confessed that it was difficult for her family to receive the message which was encoded in the movie because it related to all of her family members. In addition, the actress claimed that as she got older, she criticized herself as well for portraying her family members as they were imperfect and showed her hard childhood years. Nikki Reed regrets for a lot of exaggerations in the movie because it showed her family members not exactly as they were in reality.
However, Nikki Reed is thankful for her dad due to her marriage with Nikki Reed boyfriend Paul McDonald who is known as a contestant from the TV show “American Idol”. Her father advised her to come to Paul McDonald to talk and instantly Nikki Reed fell in love with him.
Moreover, Nikki Reed stated that Paul McDonald is the guy who she is not afraid or embarrassed to introduce to anyone she knows. In addition, Nikki Reed claimed that she got a lot of advice from her father how to act in a romantic relationship. He advised the actress to spend a lot of time with a man before she gets married. Her father also has a lot of good things to say about Nikki Reed boyfriend and husband Paul McDonald. Thus, not only Nikki Reed herself, but also her father are happy about her relationship.

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