Charlize Theron boyfriend

And the current Charlize Theron boyfriend is – Eric Stonestreet

In the autumn of 2012 Charlize Theron boyfriend was said to be Eric Stonestreet. Previously, the actress has spoken with joy and excitement about adopting a baby boy and later another man appears in her life, who happens to be Eric Stonestreet.
Charlize Theron is known as the actress who has won numerous Oscar and other awards. Her love interest Eric Stonestreet is known as the actor who portrays gay Cameron Tucker in the sitcom “Modern Family”. In fact, some people even call Charlize Theron boyfriend and her relationship with him as an example of modern family. The possible Charlize Theron boyfriend Eric Stonestreet has been dating Katherine Tokarz before he got involved with the beautiful actress. It has been stated that the couple was introduced to each other in Los Angeles by their mutual friends. The rumors about Charlize Theron dating Eric Stonestreet started when they both were seen at the Correspondents Dinner which happened at White House in April of 2012.
One of the sources stated that Charlize Theron is very happy when she is in the company of Eric Stonestreet. Moreover, the source said that they started to be friends and later it began to blossom into something deeper, which actually might be love. Eric Stonestreet appears to be a very humorous and down to earth man and these characteristics were said to be the ones which attracted Charlize Theron the most.
However, when these rumors about their relationship started, the possible Charlize Theron boyfriend made a statement of Twitter that he would wish if people stopped spreading these rumors because it could make Halle Berry jealous.
In 2010, the announcement was released that Charlize Theron was going to marry actor Stuart Townsend, however the ex-couple separated and their wedding did not happen. Therefore, the rumors have been spreading that she adopted a baby in order to feel happy again and later she found a shelter in Eric Stonestreet heart, which was thought to be the new Charlize Theron boyfriend. However, it seems that Eric Stonestreet himself is not happy about rumors related to his dating Charlize Theron.

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