Carrie Underwood boyfriend

And the current Carrie Underwood boyfriend is – Mike Fisher

It has been known that a hockey player Mike Fisher is not only Carrie Underwood boyfriend but also her husband.
During one of her interviews, Carrie Underwood admitted that although she is very successful in her music career, she would give it up just for her husband Mike Fisher if he asked to. Carrie Underwood stated that she promised her husband to be next to him in every situation in their lives in front of their families and friends, therefore she is committed to do anything what her husband Mike Fisher wants. Therefore, if Carrie Underwood boyfriend and husband Mike Fisher asked her to quit her career, she would do it.
In addition, recently it has been noted that Carrie Underwood frequently visits gym which she explained by the fact that she is inspired to go there and keep herself healthy and in shape because of Mike Fisher’s fit body. Therefore, the couple together does sports which allow them to spend even more time together.
Carrie Underwood also stated that her husband in too self-critical. She said that even when he is in a good shape and has a perfect six pack, Mike Fisher still complains that he does not look well enough. Moreover, Carrie Underwood confessed that she wants to look as good as she can when she is next to such hot man as Carrie Underwood boyfriend and husband, Mike Fisher.
The couple married in 2010. Three years have passed after their marriage and it still seems that they are very much in love and can trust each other fully. Once asked what she would do if her husband would cheat on her, Carrie Underwood stated that she is not worried about that at all because simply he is not such a man who would go and cheat on his wife.
Talking more about the man who makes Carrie Underwood so happy, Mike Fisher plays in the National Hockey League for the team called Nashville Predators. In the ice ring, Mike Fisher is known for his two ways of playing which usually helps him to be noticed in the ring.

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