Hayden Panettiere boyfriend

And the current Hayden Panettiere boyfriend is – Wladimir Klitschko

It has been a huge shock to showbiz lovers when the news about the relationship between the actress Hayden Panetierre and Hayden Panettiere boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko reached the public. The couple broke up two months ago and quite recently the two were spotted together.
In addition, they were photographed together in a car where Wladimir Klitschko gave a tender kiss on Hayden Panetierre’s hand. Thus, the ex-couple appeared to be really happy to be together again and there have been some rumors sparked that the two might become a couple again. Therefore, it implies that neither the actress nor Hayden Panetierre boyfriend believe the phrase which states that ‘they are called your ex for a reason’.
Also, it has been stated that the couple has been seen together for the second time together after they broke up two months ago. Hayden Panettiere was spotted in his boxing game where she came to cheer for her ex. Moreover, after the game the couple was seen in Wladimir Klitschko car where the couple appeared to be really close and very friendly. Moreover, the actress beamed and smiled all the time when being together with the boxer. In addition, Hayden Panettiere boyfriend and the actress herself were spotted singing in the car while driving from the boxer’s game.
Also, it seems that Hayden Panettiere does not worry no more about splitting from her another ex-boyfriend Scott McKnight whom she dated for a year and a half. In fact, she seems to be more than happy to be in a company of Wladimir Klitschko and thus it is quite believable that the couple might be back together again. While driving through the streets after the game, the couple was not only showing affection and attention to each other but they also were holding each other’s hands. Moreover, they were holding hands even when both stepped out of the car and took a walk down the street.
The couple was spotted once more after seeing them both in a car but at this time they seemed to be more careful around each other and did not act as loving as they were the first time which shows that the couple wants their privacy to be kept between themselves. However, the rumors about Hayden Panettiere boyfriend being Wladimir Klitschko again might be true.

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