Olivia Wilde boyfriend

It has been announced not too long ago that Olivia Wilde boyfriend Jason Sudeikis has proposed to Olivia Wilde and the star said yes.

And the current Olivia Wilde boyfriend is – Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis has been known as a comedian from the TV show “Saturday Night Live” where he is known as one of the most popular cast members. In addition to being a comedian, Jason Sudeikis has been known because of having a very beautiful girlfriend, Olivia Wilde.
According to one of the most popular magazines, People, it has been stated that Olivia Wilde boyfriend proposed to his love right after the winter holidays and her saying ‘yes’ was the biggest holiday present for him. One of their closest friends stated that the couple now is happier than ever and cannot wait to start their family life together.
The first rumors stated that the couple was probably getting married in Jason Sudeikis’ hometown which is established in Kansas City, however later these rumors were denied. Before Jason Sudeikis proposed to his love, he has been said to have dated Olivia Wilde for a little more than one year. Also, another source stated that the whole hometown of Jason Sudeikis cannot wait for the wedding to happen. The couple also has been said to be very excited and already finished planning some of the main details of the wedding ceremony.
One of Olivia Wilde boyfriend friends claimed that he is very close to his family and friends who live in Kansas City, therefore it has been his old dream to get married in his hometown.
It is worth mentioning that this is not going to be the first marriage to Olivia Wilde, her first marriage was with Tao Ruspoli. Right after the divorce with Tao Ruspoli, Olivia Wilde started dating Jason Sudeikis.
Recently, it has been announced that she is planning to move to live with her boyfriend in New York where he is working right now and thus Olivia Wilde is putting her house in Los Angeles on sale. Only after few months passed, the couple got really serious and started thinking about living together and starting family life and all these plans appear to happen in a very near future.

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