Miranda Kerr boyfriend

It has been known that Orlando Bloom is not only Miranda Kerr boyfriend but also her husband with whom she has a baby boy named after one of Miranda Kerr’s ex-boyfriends who passed away in a tragic accident. Also, recently there have been a lot of rumors that Miranda Kerr and the current Miranda Kerr boyfriend and husband Orlando Bloom are going to divorce, however there rumors have been denied officially.

And the current Miranda Kerr boyfriend is – Orlando Bloom

During the Oscars ceremony pre-party which happened in February of 2013 Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom did not hide affections to each other. At one point Miranda Kerr was photographed when leaning towards her beloved husband and kissing him gently on his cheek. Also, the couple was selected to host the event.

Before its beginning, they also posed for photographers on a red carpet and seemed to be in love very much. When the couple was walking on the red carpet, Miranda Kerr was spotted having her arm placed on his bottom back part, which apparently did not cause any embarrassment to Miranda Kerr boyfriend and husband Orlando Bloom because he had no intentions of taking his wife’s arm away of it. When they were posing for photographers, they were always giggling and laughing which proved that the couple together is having a really great time, whether it is an official event like Oscars or just a casual date.

Although Miranda Kerr looked stunning in her dress, it has been rumored that the best and most gorgeous accessory she had that night was Orlando Bloom. Miranda Kerr who is known as one of the most popular Victoria Secret models did not want to leave her husband Orlando Bloom who is best remembered from the movies of “Lord of the Rings” out of her sight during the event.

Orlando Bloom is known to the public as one of the most successful English actors. In addition to being an international star from the movie “Lord of the Rings”, he is also known from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Thus, he became one of the most wanted Hollywood actors in the same way as his wife is one of the most sought after models in the industry.

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