Mila Kunis boyfriend

And the current Mila Kunis boyfriend is – Ashton Kutcher

Although Mila Kunis is one of those celebrities who try to keep their private life away from public, Mila Kunis boyfriend has been known to be Ashton Kutcher for quite a lot of time already. Recently, Mila Kunis got the title of the sexiest woman on the earth and can bare whatever it takes to get a film role, however, when it comes to talk about her personal life Mila Kunis is not that open.
Mila Kunis gained a lot of popularity, fame and financial success when she appeared in the movie “Black Swan”. For that role, Mila Kunis received a lot of praise from film critics all around the world.
Recently, the actress has been featured on the cover of the magazine “Allure”. In the interview of the magazine, Mila Kunis opened up about filming or posing in nude scenes and talked a lot about the film “Friends with Benefits”. Mila Kunis stated that in the movie where she appeared with Justin Timberlake she showed one side of her boob and claimed that you cannot get a lot of things revealed at once, this in this film, it was only side boob and not something more.
However, when the actress was asked about Mila Kunis boyfriend, the star stated that she can talk about nudity all day but her love relationship is her business and nobody has to know about it. Also, the actress talked about being single. She was single for four years and said that it is one of the best times.
In addition, Mila Kunis is known to date Macaulay Culkin for eight years, who was another Mila Kunis boyfriend. Mila Kunis has known Ashton Kutcher for around 14 years. The couple first met in the filming of the show “That Seventies Show”. They started going together when Ashton Kutcher broke up with his wife Demi Moore, with whom he has been married for 6 years.
Mila Kunis and the current Mila Kunis boyfriend Ashton Kutcher are always seen together although they have been involved in a lot of filming jobs recently. Thus, it proves that even if you are working hard and have a lot of things to do, you still have time for your other half, which is seen in their relationship.

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