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Ashley Greene is an actress whose personal life is as much interesting to the public as her acting abilities. To the public, she is mostly known as a star from the “Twilight” movies. The actress has been rumored to date quite a lot of popular men. One of Ashley Greene boyfriends was rumored to be Reeve Carney with whom the actress was going together from October of 2011 till February of 2012. Reeve Carney is recognized to the public as a star from “Spiderman” musical. The rumors of them going together were never confirmed, however, the two were seen quite a lot of times in February of 2012.

And the current Ashley Greene boyfriend is – Reeve Carney

Another Ashley Greene boyfriend was singer Joe Jonas. The couple seemed so much in love, however they relationship ended after nine months of seeing each other. Moreover, Ashley Greene started dating Jared Followill right after she split with Joe Jonas. Ashley Greene was seen with Jared Followill who is known as a musician of the band “Kings of Leon” a few times after she divorced with Joe Jonas. The rumors started that Ashley Greene is dating him, however the alleged couple soon went their own ways.

Another Ashley Greene boyfriend was Brock Kelly. A source told that the couple was very much in love with each other, however their love lasted for only one summer month. Earlier, she was rumored to be dating Jared Followill with whom she got back together again, as mentioned before. At this time, Ashley Greene was spotted in his arms getting very cozy after his birthday. However, after several dates the couple broke up but they got together back again some years later.

Also, there were quite a lot of rumors that Adrian Grenier was also Ashley Greene boyfriend. They met each other at a dinner party which was organized during a surfing event. A source told that Ashley Greene did not want to leave Adrian Grenier for any minute and the couple stayed glued together. In addition, another boyfriend of the star was rumored to be Rafi Gavron. The couple was noticed together at one of the most favorite places in Hollywood, MyHouse, and a source claimed that each other were very comfortable.

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