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Holly Madison has a lot to of reasons to be happy. First of all, she is loved a lot by Holly Madison boyfriend Pasquale Rotella. Moreover, the couple has added a new member to a family quite recently, their newest baby girl.

And the current Holly Madison boyfriend is – Pasquale Rotella

Also, quite recently the news have been announced that the couple has decided on how to name their newborn. Holly Madison is known to the public due to her success work in Playboy empire. After only three days of the birth of her daughter, the star released a statement that she is sure about the name of her baby girl. H
olly Madison and Holly Madison boyfriend Pasquale Rotella decided to name their baby Rainbow Aurora Rotella.

The name ‘Rainbow’ seems ridiculous to a huge part of public. However, the star revealed that she has always wanted to pick unique names to her babies when she would have them. Moreover, when she was attending high school, there was a girl studying together with her who was named Rainbow and Holly Madison decided that when she will have a baby girl, she would name her exactly like that. Thus, it is not just a name made out of nowhere, to Holly Madison it has some story attached to it.

Holly Madison whose real name is Hollin Sue Collin stated before the birth of her daughter that neither she nor Holly Madison boyfriend and girl’s father Pasquale Rotella thought of how they would name their baby. Thus, the memory from studying in high school helped Holly Madison to pick a unique and original name to their newest joy.

Moreover, the couple seems very happy and enjoying their newest addition to the family. Also, Pasquale Rotella is very excited to be a dad, as a source stated. Pasquale Rotella stated that he could not be any happier. After waiting months for seeing his newest love, finally he is able to hold his baby girl in his arms. He also added that right now he feels like the luckiest person in the whole world and cannot wait to spend some private time together with Holly Madison on their new joy.

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