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It has been known that Ryan Press is Brandy boyfriend. However, in December of 2012 it was announced that he became not only her boyfriend, but also her fiancé. Her engagement ring pictures were posted in websites and newspapers soon after Ryan Press proposed to her and it looked marvelous. Although it is said that size does not matter, the diamond on her ring looked gigantic. Brandy posted a picture of herself wearing a ring and Brandy boyfriend and now fiancé Ryan Press on her Instagram account and the picture soon was printed in magazines and shared on the internet.

And the current Brandy boyfriend is – Ryan Press

The picture was taken in Hawaii where the happy couple celebrated their engagement. In the picture, Brandy was dressed in a bikini and hid her body under a silk long green top. She accessorized her look with wearing a peach flower in her hair. On the other hand, her fiancé and music executive Ryan Press was wearing blue swimming pants.
After she got engaged, Brandy admitted that she felt happier than ever. It is worth mentioning that Brandy previously was in a relationship with Robert Smith who was not only Brandy boyfriend but also her daughter’s father. Her daughter is 10 years old.
In Hawaii Brandy seemed very down to earth and instead spending her time with her fiancé, the singer signed autographs for her Hawaiian fans and posed for the pictures with them. Also, a source close to a couple stated that they both feel very excited about their upcoming marriage and Brandy felt like the timing for getting engaged was right.
In addition to her personal happiness, Brandy is also successful in her professional career. In October of 2012, the singer released her newest album entitled “Two Eleven”. Furthermore, she was casted to appear in the movie called “Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor” which is produced by Tyler Perry.
In addition, while being on Hawaii Brandy kept in touch with her fans all around the world by posting her Hawaiian pictures on her Twitter account. Therefore, it seemed that the singer is enjoying every minute with her fiancé Ryan Press and also still had time to chat with her fans.

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