Candice Swanepoel boyfriend

And the current Candice Swanepoel boyfriend is – Hermann Nicoli

One of the hottest couples of today is considered to be the Brazilian model Hermann Nicoli who happens to be Candice Swanepoel boyfriend who is sometimes even referred to as an African angel.
It has been known that the couple has been together for four years already. They first met when Candice Swanepoel was seventeen years old, thus a lot of people believe that it might finally be a true love for the African beauty. Moreover, she and Candice Swanepoel boyfriend first met in the love city Paris, thus it might be true what people say about Paris – it is actually a love city.
Candice Swanepoel boyfriend Hermann Nicoli was born in Brazil and is considered to be a real Brazilian stud with brown hair and green eyes. Moreover, he is known as one of the best models in the industry who is signed with the Next Model Management.
Recently the couple has been spotted together strolling down the beach in Miami, showing their fit bodies. Moreover, Candice Swanepoel has her own strong opinion about swimwear in the United States. The star once said that it is strange how American ladies wear their lower parts of bathing suits in which back is always larger than the front of it. Thus, Candice Swanepoel likes to wear her bathing suit as slim as possible.
The media business is quite happy about the relationship between these two taking into consideration the fact that dating models might be somewhat hard at moments and such relationships do not last long. However, Candice Swanepoel and Hermann Nicoli seem to know how to handle the outside pressure. One of the reasons why their relationship is working might be the fact that both stars are involved into modeling business.
Currently Candice Swanepoel resides in Brazil where she has bought a house and it has been rumored that Hermann Nicoli might be living with her as well. One of the hottest Victoria’s Secret models appears to be quite happy with her dating Hermann Nicoli and there also have been some rumors that the model cannot wait to start a family life, hint to Candice Swanepoel boyfriend.

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