Camilla Belle boyfriend

Camilla Belle is known as an American actress, who has appeared in a lot of films such as “Breakaway”, “The Ballad of Jack and Rose”, “The Quiet” and “When a Stranger Calls”. She was born in California to her mother who worked as a fashion designer and her father who was a construction company owner and songwriter of country music style. Camilla Belle is one of those stars who try to keep their relationships in private, thus usually there are only rumors of her dating somebody. One of Camilla Belle boyfriends was rumored to be Fernando Verdasco. They were spotted together in March of 2009 when Camilla Belle was having a romantic lunch together with Fernando Verdasco who is known to the public as a professional tennis player. However, both of the sides denied the fact that they were in a romantic relationship.

And the current Camilla Belle boyfriend is – Fernando Verdasco

Between the years 2008-2009 Camilla Belle was known to be together with Joe Jonas who is a member of the brothers band called “Jonas Brothers”. They started seeing each other when Camilla Belle played a role in their music video called “Lovebug”. However, after they separated, Camilla Belle and Camilla Belle boyfriend Joe Jonas decided to remain good friends.

In 2006 Camilla Belle boyfriend was stated to be Tom Sturridge. The couple was known to be together till 2008, however after two year relationship they decided to go their own ways. The rumors started that they are an item when they were seen together in several events and occasions. They started dating when both of them were just starting their professional careers in Hollywood. However, almost all the time when they were dating, both Camilla Belle and Tom Sturridge denied the fact that they were a couple and stated that they were just really good friends. Nevertheless, many people believed that they were in a romantic relationship despite their denial of it.

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