Ashley Tisdale boyfriend

And the current Ashley Tisdale boyfriend is – Christopher French

Recently the actress and singer Ashley Tisdale and Ashley Tisdale boyfriend Christopher French were spotted together going to have lunch. Moreover, it seemed that the couple has the same taste in clothing because they both wore similar pants.
Moreover, it has been known for quite a long time already that Ashley Tisdale is a fan of Bohemian clothing style. The time when they were noticed together it seemed that Ashley Tisdale boyfriend as well is interested in the same clothing style which might be seen as an impact of Ashley Tisdale in the way her boyfriend dresses. Thus, their clothing style has been in the eyes of public for quite long time already.
Ashley Tisdale, who is mostly known as a star from the movie “High School Musical”, wore loose light blue jeans and a dark sweater. In addition, she hid her curly blonde hair under a knit cap which is one of her favorite accessories.
Ashley Tisdale boyfriend is known as a leader in the band called “Annie Automatic”. At the time when they were spotted together, he was wearing loose dark blue jeans, a dark T-shirt with a printed skeleton and a leather jacket.
The couple had lunch at Kings Road Café established in Studio City. It has been know that the two have started their relationship in December in 2012 and since then they have been inseparable. However, after having lunch Ashley Tisdale looked quite tired and who can blame her, she has been filming in a quite numerous productions.
Moreover, the night before Ashley Tisdale had appearance on the Red Carpet of the movie “Safe Haven” premiere. During the premiere, Ashley Tisdale wore a long black skirt, black and white t-shirt and a purple streak in her blonde hair.
Moreover, when Ashley Tisdale and Ashley Tisdale boyfriend Christopher French were spotted at the LAX airport, they both wore matching V-neck shirts which just proves that the couple is trying to coordinate in clothing as much as they can. Nevertheless, the couple seems quite happy being together and their matching clothing is just a sign that they love to dress similarly which implies that they want to show that they belong to each other.

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