Amanda Seyfried boyfriend

For quite a lot of time it was known that Amanda Seyfried boyfriend was Desmond Harrington. However, quite recently Amanda Seyfried has been noticed in the public with another man. The actress together with her new man has been spotted in Pikey Bar during rain which did not stop Amanda Seyfried to go and meet her new possible love. After dinner the new couple was spotted together leaving in a friend’s car.

And the current Amanda Seyfried boyfriend is – Desmond Harrington

Amanda Seyfried was known as the actress who usually failed in romances and when she met Desmond Harrington a lot of people believed that he might be the one with whom Amanda Seyfried would finally be happy. The actress who appears in the “Les Miserables” was spotted together with Desmond Harrington walking in New York holding hands and people started rumoring that Desmond Harrington was the new Amanda Seyfried boyfriend. Desmond Harrington is known as the actor from the TV show “Dexter”.
The first time the couple was spotted was in summer of 2012 when they together took Amanda Seyfried’s dog for a walk. Also, the couple was noticed together quite a lot of time in the Pikey Bar, where the actress has been noticed quite recently with a new possible Amanda Seyfried boyfriend. However, when the actress was spotted with Desmond Harrington at Pikey Bar, they did not hide affections to each other. Whereas when paparazzi noticed her with a new man, the actress did not seem as willing to take pictures.
Previous Amanda Seyfried boyfriends include two real estate agents, also Ryan Phillippe, Josh Hartnett and James Franco. It has been said that Amanda Seyfried met Desmond Harrington through a mutual friend who was Jennifer Carpenter. She acted together with Desmond Harrington in the TV show “Dexter” and introduced Amanda Seyfried to Desmond Harrington. Moreover, Amanda Seyfried was spotted previously with Jennifer Carpenter going on a hike in Hollywood Hills. However, it has been rumored that Amanda Seyfried is no longer going with Desmond Harrington and after seeing her with a new man leaving Pikey Bar, new rumors have been sparked that the actress has a new love interest.

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